The Global Economy explained in 17 maps

We found some very interesting global statistics and decided to post them here. The Crude Oil Production, Import and Exports graphs are particularly interesting.

The original post can be found on Business Insider

The global economic ecosystem is an intricate machine with thousands of moving parts. Luckily, we found Countrylicious, an outstanding project by Romanian software engineer Daniel Chirita.

The site has reams of data collected from open sources about our planet’s economy, and Chirita was kind enough to let us publish some. In the case that the data wasn’t already made into a shaded map, we took his information mad made one. 

Take a look at what makes the global economy tick.


Here’s the top line number, GDP. The major players are somewhat expected.

But when you divide GDP by population, you can see individual national productivity come forward, who is punching above their weight.


Take a look at the explosive growth in emerging markets. Post-Gaddafi Libya is just exploding.


Also worth taking a look at is the industrial production growth rate. Tiny Qatar is the winner here.


Inflation Hawks, take note. The U.S. is doing pretty good here.


This map shows world unemployment. Even leaving a recession the U.S. is looking pretty.


Youth Unemployment is a major international issue that is only starting to be addressed.


The percent the state taxes across the globe varies wildly by nation.


Here’s who is selling to the world.


And here’s who’s buying.


The international energy market is another fascinating story.


Here’s who is selling.


Here’s who is buying.


Another awesome look at the global economy is the mobile penetration in each nation.


Even moreso is the Internet penetration. There’s a whole world out there without the web.


Here’s how much each nation is investing in their children.


And, in a map that is by and large the converse of the previous map, the ones buying a military.


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