Industry Business Models

The Industry Business Model can be customized for any industry, segment or sector.

We have been using this Business Model as the backbone of our approach to support the industries we work in. Even if you have been in business for decades it provides a “big picture” view of your business and the industry you trade in.

It has a number of other applications:

  • We use it to get everyone in the room on the same page when discussing their business and industry as it provides a holistic view
  • It is the very first thing we show in every workshop, training session, client presentation and strategy discussion
  • It supports management teams to understand the external and internal forces on the business they work in
  • It supports business owners to develop a holistic view of their business and industry
  • It supports industry related organisations such as banks, employers organisations and government departments to understand the business’s unique challenges

Below is an example of the business model as customized for retailers:


FUTURENT Consulting Business Management Model

We have customized this model for several types of clients working in diverse industries:

  • Fuel retail (as part of the Standardized Service Station Management (SSSM) Model)
  • Fuel wholesale (specifically to develop entrepreneurial development, transformation and network support options)
  • Fashion retail (specifically to review strategies and determine a way forward for the company)
  • Government departments (specifically to understand the impact of regulation)
  • Banks (specifically to develop mentoring support)
  • Tyre fitment (to assist a wholesaler to understand key areas within their network of retail branches)

As you can see, the business model provides an excellent starting point for a variety of scenarios. From here, we can assist you to better understand your business and support you to see gaps and opportunities that were previously hidden.