What is Standardized Management?

Standardized Management (SM) is a unique process in which we develop a comprehensive framework for the best practice management of Retail /Franchises in your network.

It is a tried-and-tested model and process that can be ramped up or down as needed, provides for the inclusion of individual best practices from your best performers and builds capacity at retail / franchise level.

SM includes 4 elements which are:

  • SM Audit is a comprehensive business health review measured against best practices from existing profitable, sustainable service stations. The SM Audit provides you with clear percentage scores on the 7 Business Management areas and the 4 KPI’s.

SSSM Audit graph low

Example: SM Audit scores before training or support

SSSM Audit graph

Example: SM Audit scores after training

SSSM Audit graph high

Example: SM Audit scores after 6 months of ongoing mentoring support

  • SM Performance is focused on improving the performance of the management team at site. We do this by giving access to best practices, structured as a 12-Month Action Plan. Retailers / Franchisees and their managers can also add additional TO DO items, set deadlines and track progress. We also give access to a unique Online Learning Library and generate monthly performance reports for each manager. All of this is accessible online, from any connected device, anywhere in the world.

SSSM Performance

  • SM Training is a series of practical training programs and workshops aimed at Retailers / Franchisees and their management teams. There are programs for Industry Induction, Supervisor / Manager training, Retailer / Franchisee training and several other topics e.g. conflict handling, communication skills, performance management, and others.

IMG-20140926-WA001 20141006_144909

IMG_20150626_091128 IMG_20150204_123427 IMG_20150708_104701


  • SM Services is a comprehensive basket of services for Retailers / Franchisees as well as mentoring and entrepreneurial development and mentoring program for new Retailers / Franchisees. This includes, amongst others:
    • Valuation, Due Diligence, Business Plans, Financial Projections, etc
    • Tools, Templates, Policies and Procedures
    • Bookkeeping, Payroll, Management Accounts, Tax, Financial Audits, etc
    • Mentoring, Site Support, Site Management, etc

woman entrepreneur

The process has 7 distinct steps, which are:

  1. Customize the Industry Business Model for your industry and network
  2. Customize the SM Audit element through a series of workshops with the best performing Retailers / Franchisees in your network
  3. Customize the SM Performance element by developing a structured 12-Month Action Plan for successfully running your specific franchise and customizing the online platform
  4. Customize the SM Training element through our qualification and/or training material development and implementing those through a series of workshops and programs
  5. Customize the SM Services element by providing a basket of outsourcing services and combining this with our unique entrepreneurial development and mentoring program
  6. Develop a series of structured implementation options based on the unique requirements of your company and your network
  7. Implement and successfully complete projects as needed

As you can see, SM is a unique process that goes beyond the normal ancillary services provided by other service providers. Our comprehensive end-to-end solution is more effective and cost-efficient as it is driven by our own experience in the ownership and operation of profitable and sustainable retail and franchise businesses.