Client Comments

We serve clients in the major networks and organizations within the fuel industry. We have owned and operated successful fuel, retail and other businesses since 1999.

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What our clients have said about us:FUTURENT Consulting SSSM Program 2013 attendees

 “I feel very strongly about registering my appreciation for what you’ve done at my site. You displayed a high sense of professionalism. You added a lot of value to my business.Your knowledge of the industry and site operations was excellent. In my opinion you are a valuable asset for any dealer.” Eastern Cape Dealer

“Finally a workshop program that helps me to do my job. The SSSM Program has made me a better manager.” Krugersdorp Senior Manager

training workshop meeting managers retailers

 “I have been a Dealer for more than 10 years and I learned a lot during this course.” Pretoria Dealer

 “Thank you for attending and providing detailed feedback regarding our Dealer training. The Standardised Service Station Management Audit you completed based on our Dealer training has identified some major gaps” – Training Manager, Major Oil Company

 “FUTURENT CONSULTING is just amazing. Thanks for a splendid discussion with my management team, that you chaired so very well” – Franchisee, Vereeniging

 “Thank you for an inspiring Dealer Training course. You are brilliant facilitators and I especially appreciated how you’ve made the ideas practical and shared your own stories from running your own sites.” – Senior Manager, Durban

 “Thank you for the time you spent with us on site. We are going to implement all the items we discussed. It is scary how easily one can stagnate in your own business.” – Retailer, Pretoria

training workshops managers retailers

“Thank you for the great advice as always and the FUELSTREAM newsletter that is always welcome.” – Dealer, Midrand

 “We are very happy with the service received from you and will continue to outsource all our HR and performance management processes to you.” – Franchisee, Johannesburg


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