MIBCO Fuel Sector Agreement & Minimum Wages

FUTURENT Consulting Minimum wage rates MIBCOA Settlement agreement was reached between the employer’s organisations and the unions and new minimum wages have been set for employees at service stations.

Here is the settlement agreement

MIBCO Fuel Sector 5 Agreement -OCT 2013

and the minimum wage rate schedule as applicable from 2 October 2013

MIBCO Sector 5 Minimum Wages SEP 2013

If you have any queries on:

  • implementing minimum wages
  • restructuring your rosters to save on overtime
  • determining if you need more or less staff
  • adjusting wage rates to be in line with the latest schedules
  • calculating wages, overtime, etc

Contact Zelna van Schalkwyk on 012 804 5066 or email her at zvanschalkwyk@future-ent.com

2 responses to “MIBCO Fuel Sector Agreement & Minimum Wages

  1. Hi Hennen,
    Your comment is not very clear and I assume you refer to provident fund contributions. If that is the case then you should contact MIBCO directly to determine how far your claim is in the process.
    Kind regards
    The FUTURENT Consulting team


  2. I applied for my funds and I was told in 6weeks time it will be out but m still waiting so I was asking what must I do now


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