Are you a Franchisor / Wholesaler / Retailer / Industry Related Organisation?

If you are a Franchisor, Wholesaler, Retailer or industry related organisation (e.g. bank) and wish to extend the value proposition to your network of Franchisees/Retailers/Clients, we can assist.

We currently focus on projects such as Network Support, Entrepreneurial Development and Retailer/Franchise Network Transformation, amongst others. We continue to create strategic partnerships with major oil companies, banks and other industry leaders to strengthen their value propositions with our suite of services.

wholesale retail franchise

FUTURENT Consulting has developed a unique Industry Business Model which we have customized and implemented in areas such as Fuel, Retail, Qualification Development, Business Transformation, and others.

We also developed the tried-and-tested Standardized Management (SM) Model. It can be scaled and customized for different industry segments and applications. Existing customizations include:

  • Fuel Retail (SSSM)
  • Tyre Fitment (STFM)
  • Supermarket Retail (SSRM)
  • Qualification Development (SQDM)
  • Industry Transformation (SITM)

If you are interested in seeing how the Industry Business Model and Standardized Management Model can be applied to your industry or business, please contact us for a presentation.



Ruan Schoeman

Managing Director

+27 82 782 5087

+27 12 804 5066

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