PROJECT: National Franchisee Training Program

futurent consulting project completed

Another successful project completed…

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Who was the client?

Multinational Oil Company Franchisor

What was the project?

Development, launch, management and facilitation of the main franchisee training program covering more than 30 individual modules

What were the challenges?

  • Reproduction of historic training materials and development of new material before the launch of the new program
  • Launch, management and facilitation of a 5-week program provided nationally
  • Introduction of a further 20% practical elements to the training
  • Qualifying all material as being accurate for the running of a successful franchise including technical, systems and business management areas
  • Introduction of a new assessment framework including module assessment, workbooks and a portfolio of evidence

Why FUTURENT Consulting?

The client leveraged our knowledge of franchise businesses, business acumen and ability to manage the project nationally.

Did we complete the project on time?

Yes, the program was successfully launched within 2 months from the start of the project and subsequently refined. Additional programs were successfully run in key provinces in several venues and completed on schedule.

Did we deliver?

Each deliverable was achieved and more than 150 franchisees completed the program by December 2014. The client has extended the project to include neighbouring markets and FUTURENT Consulting remains the head facilitator and service provider.

What about the budget?

Each program was delivered within budget and created to provide the client savings in efficiencies.

What are the lessons learned?

Franchisees need to be trained and mentored by other successful franchisees. Franchisors should provide subject matter experts from within their organisation, but this must be balanced with professional facilitation and a structured program.

Franchisees who continue on to take over a franchise should receive ongoing mentoring and support to ensure that tools, templates, policies and procedures are implemented.

Way forward?

FUTURENT Consulting can provide you with:

  • Full development, launch, management and facilitation of Franchisee training program
  • Provision of a full Entry-to-Exit process for Fuel Retailers that includes training, mentoring, support, business services and entrepreneurial development

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