PROJECT: Franchisee Business Turnaround

futurent consulting project completed

Another successful project completed…


Who was the client?

Independent Fuel Retailer.

What was the project?

Assist the Fuel Retailer with full business management and mentoring services to turnaround the cash flow, income and operational elements of the business.

What were the challenges?

  • Day-to-day operational management of the business
  • Micro cash-flow management
  • Implementation of policies and procedures
  • Restructuring the business for growth and additional offers on site
  • Turnaround of the negative working relationship between the Fuel Retailer, partners and Oil Company

Why FUTURENT Consulting?

The client utilized our decades of experience in the ownership and operation of service stations in several networks. FUTURENT Consulting had developed the Standardized Service Station Management (SSSM) Model and used all the elements of the model during the project.

Did we complete the project on time?

Yes, the project was completed on schedule.

Did we deliver?

The Fuel Retailer was able to take back full management of the business after the business had been turned around. The relationship with partners and the Oil Company was improved during the project and several additional opportunities were in planning at the end of the project.

The Fuel Retailer was able to extend the offers on site and take back a positive cash-flow.

What about the budget?

The project was completed under budget.

FUTURENT Consulting made a significant contribution towards Enterprise Development with the support and to the benefit of this client.

What are the lessons learned?

Fuel Retailers who are not provided with proper training, mentoring and support services from the beginning may fall into a deadly spiral of forced decisions, cash-flow crisis and eventual failure.

However, this scenario can be turned around successfully provided that full commitment and co-operation from all stakeholders is given.

Way forward?

FUTURENT Consulting can provide you with:

  • Business Turnaround services
  • Training, Mentoring and Support services

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