PROJECT: Talent Management

futurent consulting project completed

Another successful project completed…

futurent consulting talent management

Who was the client?

A group of 7 clients with a combined annual turnover of R294 million annually

What was the project?

Implement and manage a “Cradle to Grave” process to manage risk, ensure compliance and support business continuity.

What were the challenges?

  • Managing a project with a national footprint and a diverse group of client management teams
  • Changing legislation and lack of clarity on compliance requirements
  • Strict deadlines and inaccessible systems of the reporting & submissions authority

Why FUTURENT Consulting?

FUTURENT Consulting was able to create a project team of individuals with relevant background and experience in Human Resources, Change Management, Skills Development and Employment Equity.

The clients utilized our ability to customize elements of the process and to deliver on deadlines.

Did we complete the project on time?

Yes, all reports and submissions were submitted on time to the relevant authority and all other deliverables were achieved on schedule.

Did we deliver?

Each deliverable was achieved, including amongst others:

  • Employment Equity Reports and submissions
  • Workplace Skills Planning and submissions
  • Annual Training Report submissions
  • Compliance to relevant skills legislation for the 2013/2014 financial years
  • Preparation for and successful audits from the Department of Labour
  • Management of training programs and achievement of numerical goals

FUTURENT Consulting successfully created a detailed “Cradle to Grave” process that has been duplicated successfully after the projects completion.

What about the budget?

The project was completed on budget.

What are the lessons learned?

South African legislation, specifically concerning skills development, has been amended with additional regulations and policies that are not within the general understanding of business owners.

Way forward?

FUTURENT Consulting can provide you with:

  • “Cradle to Grave” services
  • Skills Development planning & management
  • Employment Equity planning & management

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